Rubber Tracked Vehicles that go where you work and work where you go – with a payload of technology.


The PANTHER T6, the super low ground pressure tracked vehicle operates efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively in unimaginable off-road & weather conditions.


As a straight tip dumper or modified crawler carrier this a powerful and versatile tracked vehicle. With a payload capacity up to 11,340 kg


Designed to handle the heaviest loads like cranes with up to 50 tons capacity, man-lift booms up to 52 m (170 feet), large drill rigs, and other heavy utility equipment, the PANTHER T22 tracked carrier has a ground pressure of only 257 g/cm² (4.39 psi) at the maximum GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).


This model is set to redefine the standards for tracked dumper productivity & cost effectiveness. With a payload capacity up to 7,000 kg


Tracked Rotating Dump Vehicle offers the highest speed combined with the highest payload in its class and will set new standards for productivity and mobility. With a payload capacity up to 13,200 kg

Panther Specials

The rigid body PANTHER Series can be modified for various application, aerial devices, cranes, drills, and more for the most challenging terrain where ground conditions prohibit the use of a wheeled vehicle.


The PANTHER T8 effortlessly carries up to 7,260 kg worth of heavy equipment, materials and supplies to any worksite while exerting very low ground pressure.


Offered with a dump box or a flat deck for the highest payload available on rubber tracks, at 15,195 kg of payload which translates into 11.5 cubic yards of material.

Vegetation Management

Prinoth also offer a range of vegetation management solutions for the agricultural and forestry sectors from excavator mounted stump grinders and tractor PTO driven mulchers to the latest Raptor 300r, a self-propelled low ground pressure mulcher utilising the Panthers unique undercarriage design and rubber tracks. For more information, please visit the main site or contact us to be put in touch with the UK distributor. PRINOTH vegetation management.

Your advantages at a glance

Whether mud, gravel or snow, PRINOTH tracked utility vehicles are reliable tools for extreme use in extreme environments. Thanks to their huge payload, these vehicles can be equipped with a multitude of specialized attachments. PRINOTH’s tracked utility vehicles exert very low pressure on the ground and go places where wheeled vehicles sink.

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