The future in low ground pressure is here!

Introducing the PRINOTH® PANTHER Series – “Go everywhere”

Innovative Canadian Design

Key Advantages

  • Off-Road mobility
  • Very Low ground pressure
  • Highest level of safety features
  • Steering wheel & foot pedal
  • Operator comfort and vision
  • Lower maintenance costs
Tracked Vehicles that go where you work and work where you go.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Premium Rubber Tracked Dumpers

With Prinoth’s exclusive undercarriage and track technologies, the highest speeds, highest payloads and the highest safety level, The PRINOTH PANTHER Series delivers the most productive crawler carriers on the market.

Operator Comfort & Safety

Low Ground Pressure Utility Carriers

All-terrain and all-weather operation combined with exceptional performance and implement versatility for special applications to ensure the toughest jobs get done right. These vehicles can easily be equipped with a multitude of custom skips and attachments.

Why choose PRINOTH® ?

Improved Efficiency

The PANTHER T7R New for 2019 – This model is set to redefine the standards for tracked dumper productivity & cost effectiveness. It’s unrestricted cab views, driver comfort and ease-of-control directly impact operator safety and manoeuvrability.

Increased Productivity

The PANTHER T14R Tracked Rotating Dump Vehicle offers the highest speed combined with the highest payload in its class and will set new standards for productivity and mobility of Rubber Tracked Dumpers.

Innovative Design

Our platform is built on a standard truck-style chassis, The unique undercarriage design provides very low ground pressures with a R.O.P.S. – certified cab (Roll-Over Protective Structure) combining a steering wheel & pedal combination, offering an unrivalled experience for operators.

Built for Versatility

Rapid-attach design chassis provides easy sub-base installation plus large deck space and simple ‘plug & play’ interface for hydraulics and electrical connection.

Operator Comfort & Safety

Driver comfort and ease-of-control directly impact maneuverability and safety, utilising a progressive speed pedal & steering wheel, thus adding a level of intuitive operation that adds security to everyone in, and out of the vehicle.

High agility

With our exclusive undercarriage and track technologies, the highest speeds, highest payloads and the highest safety level, we offer the most productive crawler carriers on the market.

Customisable Design

Highest level of operator safety features with One or two-person cab configurations, offered in regular or narrow width, ideal when installing a boom or telescopic access platform.

Service & Support

The PRINOTH after sales network provides attractive service packages, fast availability of spare parts, competent and quick answers and great customer service.

PRINOTH training is also available, specifically designed to help you improve your productivity and reduce your maintenance costs.

Contact us today for special applications.

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